Membership and eligibility

Requirements for membership admittance

  1. Individuals having a degree in Engineering or Natural Sciences from a recognized University;
  2. Motivated to contribute to the Oromo development from an Engineering and/or Science perspective;
  3. Exceptionally motivated senior students of the field with a high potential and interest both to the profession and Oromo development can be accepted case by case;
  4. Exceptionally motivated and supportive professionals from other discipline areas can be accepted case by case
  5. All members unless indicated pay a yearly membership fee of $100,  student members and members residing in Oromia pay $20 and qualified students in financial difficulties may apply for free membership and the executive committee can decide case by case.
  6. All members have the right to vote except student members.                 
  •             Associate Members

ü   Open to qualifying individuals not eligible for Membership or Student membership.  Graduates of a college of acceptable standards whose employment is associated with science or technology may apply for an Associate membership.

ü  Associate Members shall be required to pay membership fees and shall have full voting powers.


ü  A person without any formal qualification but affiliated and interested broadly in science or technology or an organization;

ü  Affiliate Members may apply for an upgrade to Associate Membership Grade after completion of four years as an Affiliate Member in good standing.

Life Members

ü  Granted to a person over the age of 65 (sixty-five) years, on application to OSST;

ü  Life Members shall not be required to pay membership fees, but shall have voting powers. 


Student Members

ü  Open to students majoring in any field generally associated with science or technology at a college or university of acceptable academic standards, but without voting right

Fellow Members

ü  Member in good standing after continuous membership of at least 10 years.

Honorary Members

ü  OSST Board may, at its discretion, induct a Person of Eminence, or, a Person of Outstanding Professional Distinction and contributions to the development of Oromia, who is not a Member of the Society, and, whose Membership of the Society will add value to the Society, as an Honorary Member. 


ü The Person being conferred the Honorary Membership shall be presented with a Certificate which shall be signed by the President and the Secretary General.